Blues execution lets them down again

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Lynn McConnell     04 Jun 2018     Getty Images

Umaga said the loss to Rebels had been as disappointing as it could get. The management had total faith in the side they chose to execute their game plan but they hadn't been able to do that.

He acknowledged the Rebels were to be congratulated for turning up to play showing the confidence that had seen them do so well this year.

"Obviously they had a lot on this game in terms of where they want to be on the table and so did we. We don't want to be where we are, yet we didn't get the result we wanted," he said.

The non-awarding of a try to hooker Matt Moulds early in the second after what Umaga said was one of their best set-piece plays of the game had been a blow.

They felt they were deserving of the try but it was denied them because there was no clear evidence of a grounding.

"We had plenty of opportunities inside their 22 but we made mistakes. We've worked hard on that but it's just the execution, the final piece, when it counts, is just evading us and we've got to keep wondering why? There are some reasons but we've just got to get through it," he said.

There were opportunities for emerging players to snatch their chance to make something of themselves and Terrence Hepetema and Sione Havili were two who stood out, Havili especially getting more minutes than expected as the result of an early injury to Dalton Papalii.

But the transference of training ground confidence to match play against a side that wants to win just as much as they did had been found wanting among some members of the side.

The Papalii injury, an expected hamstring, was not looking good, he said, and he asked who would want to be an openside flanker for the side at the moment with the injuries they have been suffering.

Papalii's strength over the ball had been sorely missed in the game, he said.