Women's Sevens finish season in Paris triumph

Mike Lee - KLC fotos for World Rugby

Lynn McConnell     11 Jun 2018     Mike Lee - KLC fotos for World Rugby

New Zealand's women scored an emphatic 33-7 win over Australia in the final to end two points behind them in the series.

New Zealand scored first when Michaela Blyde crossed. However, Tyla Nathan-Wong was yellow-carded although Australia's prospects of using that to advantage were lost when they had a player binned as well.


That was enough for Sarah Goss to get through the Australian defence to score.

New Zealand maintained the pressure with Portia Woodman scoring her sixth try of the weekend and they went to the break after Gayle Broughton effected an intercept with Blyde in support to claim the try as New Zealand led 26-0.

Australia got one back when Evania Pelite finished off a move but the final say belonged to the New Zealanders who saw Woodman score again for a 33-7 win.

Captain Goss, who won the player of the final award, said, "It was amazing. We are a bit disappointed we couldn't win the series but pleased with how we finished the series. The girls have been preparing really well. Now we'll go home and work on our preparations for San Francisco."

Coach Allan Bunting said, "[We're] very proud but didn't expect anything less. This was our last chance to show what we've learned this year. All we could control was what we did, nothing to do with Australia.
"We've still got a lot to improve on and the next part of our journey for the World Cup is going to be important."

Portia Woodman said the Paris tournament had been amazing. It had been a battle for the world title but Australia deserved it after New Zealand put themselves under pressure in the first tournaments of the year in Dubai and Sydney.

"But we put as much as we could in the last tournaments of the series and I think it was awesome to finish with such a great final like that.

"We've still got a lot to work on. From this series we've learnt you can't win a game without defence and the patience holding onto the ball. If you can't keep that you can't score.

"We're looking forward to the World Cup but there's a lot to work on until then," she said.

The final placings in the women's series were:

Australia 92, New Zealand 90, France 68, Canada 60, United States 56, Russia 46, Spain 43, England 32, Fiji 31, Ireland 29, Japan 10, China 6, South Africa 3, Bracil 2, Wales 1, Papua New Guinea 1