All Blacks are 'streetwise'     30 Nov 2006    

That's the view of Welsh midfield back, and New Zealand-born, Sonny Parker.

Rather than whinge about 'cheating' as so many have, Parker prefers to praise the aggressive approach of the All Blacks.

He said on the website, "A lot of people say they cheat, but it's not cheating.

"They are just streetwise.

"They move bodies really well and they are very physically strong.

"It's excellent what they do…and it sucks playing against it!"

Parker said Wales did try and compete with the All Blacks but they found their rucks disrupted by the All Blacks.

"You've got to put your hands up and say it was excellent play by New Zealand.

"They are really, really aggressive around the contact area. They just switch on there and are so aggressive."

The All Blacks were also swift to punish mistakes and with players like Sitiveni Sivivatu that made them lethal on attack.

It was up to Wales to learn from the experience before the Six Nations starts in February.

"We've got to adopt that aggressive style of play around the ruck area," Parker said.

"That's a bit point we have to learn. We've got the flair.

"There are a lot of talented players in the team. It's just a case of showing a bit more aggression."

Parker said he now realised how important it was to have control of the ruck area.

"Once you get quick ball it's so much easier to play. When you have that, you can exploit the opposition."

Parker said he had also been impressed by the fitness of the All Blacks.

"That's a strong point for them. A lot of the Welsh boys had cramp, myself included," he said.