Kelleher reconsiders French connection     29 May 2007    

The Agen club he was preparing to play with at the end of the Rugby World Cup in October suffered relegation from the premier competition in France and his contract could lapse as a consequence.

Byron Kelleher said after the All Blacks had their first training run in Auckland on Monday in preparation for Saturday's first Iveco Test against France at Eden Park, that he was in negotiations at the moment and he was surveying his options.

He had an out-clause in his contract should relegation occur and he said he would come to a decision in due course.

Kelleher said he was aware that a new regime at the club was looking to build a side over the next three years but he felt the club didn't think relegation would be an issue.

He said he would be truthful in his dealings with the club and say that the reason he wanted to play in France was to play in the Heineken Cup or the premier French competition.

"I want to play competitive rugby," he said.

Kelleher said he would also be talking to the New Zealand Rugby Union about what a future in New Zealand might hold for him.

He said there had been contact with other French clubs that he was not prepared to name.

But he added that if he was to play rugby outside of New Zealand it would only be in France because he liked the lifestyle, the way the French play rugby and living in a different country.