Player Diary - Anthony Tuitavake

Marc Weakley/Content Creators

    03 Aug 2008     Marc Weakley/Content Creators

He’s been giving me a bit of grief about this weekend’s game between Harbour and the Naki down at the ‘Pig Pen’ and we have a little wager where the loser pays for the next hot chocolate.

I live in West Auckland in a sleep-out with my brother Nafi, while my relatives live in the house on the property. The sleep-out has its own bathroom and kitchen so it’s totally self-contained.

My parents live across the road so there’s family all around us. It’s pretty easy to run across the road, have dinner and then run back home…not that we can’t cook. We’re not too good at the moment but we do a mean stir-fry.

Anyway…I got up about 8:30am today because we had a late training and I got to the hotel about 10-o’clock for a gym session. It was an optional training but I love going to the gym. Because I’m not the tallest person I work twice as hard in the gym to compensate so my body can take the knocks and give it back harder.

The first weights I did were in my Dad’s home gym when I was about 15-years-old. We had a bench press, some dumbbells and a bar curl out in the garage. He was also a boxing fan and we would spar and he would teach me how to defend myself. Now we go to the fancy gyms but every now and then my brother and I still go one-on-one with the gloves on in the garage.

After the gym I had lunch and a nap – not really deep sleeping but just resting up the body before training at Eden Park.

It was raining when we trained but the ground was good and it looks like it will be a fast track. We had a good solid hit-out and everyone was on edge looking forward to Saturday.

We all went out for a Yum Cha team dinner down the Viaduct. It’s a meal where you pick at the food until you’re full. No dessert because I put a ban on myself until I get my skin-folds back to where I want them. If it was earlier on in the week I might have had a cheeky fruit salad and maybe a bit of ice cream.

After dinner we strolled back up to the hotel and then I drove home and had a chat to dad. I gave him some tickets for Saturday’s match and then walked home (across the road).

We get given a couple of tickets to each Test if we’re in the squad. We’re lucky in the AB’s to get given a few things and especially clothes…that seem to find their way onto family and friends. I have a walk-in wardrobe with a lock on it but my brother knows where I keep the key and we’re pretty tight so he borrows whatever he wants.

After I came home from my parents I put on a DVD – The Grudge 2 and that was my night. Cheers, Anthony.