Josh Renton

Name: Josh Renton
Position: Halfback
Born: 25-05-94 
Place of birth: Dunedin
Now living in: Dunedin
Home town: Wanaka
Secondary School: Otago Boys High School
Club team: Kaikorai
Academy: Otago
Previously represented NZ: NZ Schools
Studying or work outside rugby: Commerce
Other sports: Cricket
Teams captained: Otago Boys 1st

Instagram handle: joshrenton_9

Favourite Rugby ground: Littleborne

Favourite rugby player and why: Aaron Smith. Awesome pass and great work rate around the field

Earliest or best rugby memories: Playing 7s tournaments in Alex on frozen grounds in the middle of winter

Biggest influence on your rugby and why: Mum and Dad. Put so much time and effort into me and a lot of advice 

On your itunes /iphone playlist: Bit of anything

Non-rugby sports team: Detroit Pistons

Sporting hero: Lebron James

If you could meet one person, who would it be and why: Tiger Woods

I hate it when…. The tv volume is on an odd number

Test Points: