Luke Jacobson

Instagram : lukejacobson_
Snapchat : luke_jacobson

Favourite rugby ground... Memorial park

Favourite rugby player and why... Liam messam, his physicality and his versitality

Earliest or best rugby memory... Playing in the same team as both of my brothers

Biggest influence on your rugby and why... My passion for the sport, and how much I enjoy it

Last song you had on repeat... Exhale - Six60

Favourite non-rugby sports team... Black caps

Sporting hero... Chris Gayle

If you could meet one person, who would it be and why... Sean William Scott (Stifler) , the mans got some good lingo and maybe I could catch a few dance lessons of him

"I hate it when..." You ask someone a question and they don't reply

"I can't live without..." Kicken about with the boys

"If I wasn't a rugby player, I would be..." Travelling the world

"If I wasn't a rugby player, I would be..." A Police Man

Loose Forward
Test Points: