Lewis Ormond

All Blacks Sevens (2015-16)

The young Taranaki player stepped into the big time of sevens on debut, being selected for the famous Hong Kong Sevens in March 2015. His skills as both a forward and back saw him drafted into the New Zealand squad following a top performance at the National Sevens that year. He has not looked back. As a former basketballer, his height and speed has made him invaluable in contesting the ball in the air and on attack. His versatility saw him earn seven caps in the 2015/16 season. He cites his brother Jackson who has played sevens for New Zealand and fifteens for Taranaki as his inspiration for his blossoming rugby career.


Rugby ground: Shark Park, Hawera
Rugby player and why: Jackson Ormond, taught me the game, and Kurt Baker, for the razzle 
Earliest rugby memory: Playing for the Southern Under 12s
Best rugby memory: Winning the Taranaki competition with the boys in 2013
Biggest influence on your rugby career and why: My brother took me along to everyhting and taugh me how to play
Food: Any seafood
Actor/Actress: Johnny 'Danger' Bennett
Movie: Straight Outta Compton
On your itunes/iphone playlist: Six60, David Dallas
Non-rugby sports team: Minnesota Timberwolves, Carolina Panthers
Holiday destination: Kaupokanui Beach
Sporting hero: Michael Jordan
If I could meet one person, it would be... Michael Jordan, GOAT
I can't live without... Family
If I was a superhero I would be... Batman
If I wasn't a Sevens rugby player, I would be... A welder for Hawera Welding Contractors

1.92m, 100kg
Test Points:
Provincial Team:

Career Comments

  • Southern Sharks Sevens 2014 (Captain)
    Taranaki Academy 2013-2014