South Africans upset at fan response to AllBlacks haka

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James Mortimer     11 Oct 2012     Getty Images

It is not the first time that the haka has attracted attention, although this time media and sections of the rugby fraternity in the Republic have expressed their concern that the Springboks' greatest rugby rivals are not treated with more respect.

Previous matches in South Africa have seen crowds do their best to drown out the haka, if not with constant noise, with 'Ole, Ole, Ole' chants that attempt to drown out the traditional war dance.

The Independent could not understand why the fans didn't appreciate the site of the World Champions performing something that was part of their rugby history and culture.

"There are not too many things in life that leave me shaking my head and wondering how something has come about," the column wrote.

"Generally, there’s always an answer to a baffling question, but I’ve got no idea why and when some members of the South African rugby public decided to boo the New Zealand haka."

"The traditional war dance, performed by the All Blacks before every Test match, is something unique in the game and whether you like or not it’s special and it gives Test match rugby something else, something nearly mythical."

"The hype before the game was big, when the teams ran on to the field it got even bigger and the national anthems were great. It was goose-bump stuff, but then no one could hear a damn word of the haka – something I’m sure all rugby fans look forward to hearing and seeing.

"But it seems some South Africans couldn’t give a damn about respecting the opposition and boy, the All Blacks deserve plenty of it. They’re world champions and they’re by far the best team in the world. Hell, they haven’t only dominated the game over the last few years, they’ve pretty much always been the leaders and the strongest in the game."

"As South Africans and Springbok supporters we may not like it, but it’s fact, it’s reality and the All Blacks are a side deserving of better from us. They’re our traditional foes, with matches between the Boks and All Blacks called the greatest clashes of them all.

"So why all the booing and noise-making during the haka?"