Wellington Hertz Sevens Countdown On!!!

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Over 250 committed volunteers are also preparing to help make the tournament a success again for the 14th year running.

One of those volunteers is Amelia Scott, who will be greeting patrons and assisting with accreditation. Scott has attended the event almost every year since it began back in 2000, but is now looking forward to being able to experience the tournament from a different perspective, as a volunteer.

The Silverstream resident says after volunteering during the 2011 Rugby World Cup she was encouraged to put her hand up again. “I volunteered in both Wellington and Auckland for the World Cup and it was a fantastic experience.”

“I am looking forward to meeting new people and engaging with the public at the tournament – that was one of the best things about the World Cup. I want to be involved to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time and am keen to help make the Hertz Sevens a success,” added Miss Scott.

Hertz Sevens General Manager Steve Walters highlights that without the many volunteers who offer their time and energy to the event, the tournament would be nowhere near as successful as it has been.

“The fact that a number of volunteers want to come back year after year, and new volunteers are eager to get involved, is great for the spirit within the tournament”, Walters says.

“We want to lead the way in the HSBC Sevens World Series as one of the best tournaments for players and fans alike. With 16 teams and 35,000 fans at an event that spans over 20 hours, that takes a combined team effort to deliver. It simply wouldn’t be possible without our volunteer team.”

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