Concussion could rob Hurricanes of captain

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James Mortimer     26 Feb 2013     Getty Images

Smith was taken from the field in the second half after a heavy collision, and was unable to return to the field after Hurricanes doctor Theo Dorfling confirmed that he hadn't passed his PCSA, and as a consequence was not guaranteed to play in Round Three against the 2011 champions.

The Hurricanes captain, who closed out the 2012 season as arguably the best centre in the game, has had a tough run with injuries of late.

He had a detached retina last season, broke his nose the year before, and has suffered from concussion issues in the past.

With the team due to fly out this week, Smith in theory will likely travel with the team, but will undergo a series of tests to see if he is clear before matchday.

Two other players, Matt Proctor and Jeffery Toomaga-Allen, could return this week.

If Smith is ruled out, it is uncertain who will take over the Hurricanes captaincy, with no vice-captain appoointed by Mark Hammett at the beginning of the campaign.