Investec Super Rugby laws - the TMO trial

Getty Images     02 Mar 2013     Getty Images

The referee, AR and TMO can refer incidents for review for tries scored, and for foul play.

When a try is scored, the TMO can review play from the last restart but no further back than two ruck or maul phases.

Incidents for review must be CLEAR & OBVIOUS, eg knock-on, forward pass, player in touch, offside, obstruction, foul play, tackling a player with the ball or double movement.

Things that can't be reviewed are referee judgment decisions such as side entry at the breakdown, tackler/tackler assist offences and, hands in the ruck.

Once a try is awarded, it can't be reversed. The TMO can only seek a review immediately after the ball is grounded.

All recommendations for TMO review can only happen after a stoppage and the ref can now use the big screen when deciding on foul play (only).