Carter is clear - I'm not going anywhere

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James Mortimer     07 Mar 2013     Getty Images

The news - that Carter could take a sabbatical - is not huge, as it is in his contract, and he is signed with the New Zealand Rugby Union until 2015.

Whatever happens, if Carter can make England for the All Blacks Rugby World Cup defence, he will, no matter what.

Ultimately it will depend on whether he follows the path of his All Blacks captain, and fall off the face of the earth while taking up what is effectively a six-month break (unless you are at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York) or whether he takes up a lucrative short term contract overseas.

Note - short term.

The All Blacks first five-eighth has unfinished business on rugby's highest stage.

However Carter has a family to think about, and it would be no surprise if the Crusaders and All Blacks veteran, and leading point's scorer in Test rugby and Super Rugby, took time out completely.

Equally he might view a short term contract as something useful for his rugby development, fitness, and potentially his retirement fund.

The All Black said he hadn't made a decision.

"I'm not sure where that's come from. It's just bad reporting again and speculating because I'm nowhere near signing any deal or getting any closer deciding what I'm going to do or even if I will take my sabbatical or not," Carter said.

He did indicate possible options.

"I've experienced Europe before on a sabbatical and really enjoyed that," he said.

"I loved my time in France and one thing I realised was how physical the footy was even though I only played five games.

"I guess at this stage of my career I'm probably steering more towards having a complete break or being somewhere closer to home, potentially Japan."

He said he was looking at the big picture in 2015.

"I've signed [with New Zealand Rugby] to 2015 and want to be around for another World Cup," he said.

"So I have to be smart about what I do until then."

It was all about the Crusaders and the All Blacks for 2013 the popular star back said.

"I'm committed to a full season playing rugby in New Zealand," he said.

"I want to play as much footy this year for the Crusaders as I can and I want to put on that black jersey and play as many games as possible."