Key for Sevens is depth says Tietjens

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James Mortimer     23 Mar 2013     Getty Images

If there was to be a first Tietjens law, it would be to ensure that the team is consistently performing throughout the campaign, and this has been a hallmark of the All Blacks Sevens so far, playing in four of the five finals while winning in South Africa last year.

This consistency has given New Zealand a 23-point buffer despite the five legs being won by five different teams this season.

The All Blacks Sevens will be without maestro Tomasi Cama, who is out with a groin injury, and overcoming his absence would be key, with Tietjens recognised as a shrewd user of his replacements bench in key matches.

"Injuries are why some teams have fluctuated in their performance," he said.

"The key is to go into tournaments with a lot of depth on your bench."

The All Blacks Sevens have won in Hong Kong ten times, but in this regard have to take a back seat to Fiji, who claimed the title last year at New Zealand's expense, meaning that the Pacific Islanders have won in Honkers a record 13 times.

Tietjens said that nothing however could be taken for granted in an increasingly competitive series.

"Teams are getting strong right throughout and are consistently very tough," said Tietjens.