Julian Savea catches Kirwan's eye

Getty Images     09 Apr 2013     Getty Images

The All Blacks wing touched down twice in the Hurricanes win over the Waratahs in Wellington and reinforced the quality start he has made to the 2013 season.

"You can see he has worked really hard on his game - he's a lot more competent around the finer points of wing play so he's across in cover, he's sorted out his high ball issues and he's been looking for a lot of work.

"I'd say he's one of the form guys in the competition that continues to get better so he's a very, very big weapon for them," he said.

Kirwan joked that a bazooka from the coach's box might be the best way to stop him.

But, in reality, it would be a case of trying to cut down the time he had to build a steam.

It would be a big clash on the left flank where the Blues' emerging wing Frank Halai would probably be lined up against him.

"Frank just continues to get bigger, better and stronger as well. Less experience than Julian but there should be some fireworks out there for sure," he said.