Chiefs and Sonny won't be reunited next year

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James Mortimer     20 Apr 2013     Getty Images

Williams is currently playing in the 13-man code with the Sydney Roosters, but while he is honouring what is believed to be something of a ‘handshake’ deal to play in the NRL, he has never denied his new found love of union and that he could see himself returning to New Zealand one day.

New Zealand Rugby has acknowledged he would be welcome to return, and a meeting between Sonny Bill and his old team-mates showed the bonds were still strong, with the dual international invited to speak to the team before they play the Waratahs this weekend.

Rennie told the Sydney Morning Herald that 2014 was not likely, but the following year with the World Cup carrot could see Williams return.

"There's certainly no talk about us trying to drag him back across the Tasman next year,” Rennie said.

“Although that would be really good (to have him back), but it was good to catch up with him," he said.

"I reckon [there is] a good chance of getting him back in 2015, a World Cup year.”

“…he's always up for challenges, Sonny, so a World Cup would be a good opportunity to try and lure him back and if he comes back to rugby he'll definitely come back to the Chiefs so we're keen to see that happen."