Rugby World Cup could return to New Zealand

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James Mortimer     30 Apr 2013     Getty Images

Indeed, despite the brilliant reviews the hosting garnered, New Zealand doesn't have the giant stadiums that will be on show during the 2015 tournament, a large factor that contributes to the hosting union 'making money' as outside gate revenues the International Rugby Board collects all income for the four yearly showpiece.

The most recent tournament, won by the All Blacks, was considered a success in everyone's books, and this has clearly led IRB CEO Brett Gosper to indicate that one day New Zealand would again host the third largest sporting event in the world.

He did however tell the Sunday Star-Times that it would be a while yet.

"I think it will take a while to come back to New Zealand, you've had it twice, and we've only had seven tournaments," he said.

"It will happen, though it won't happen over the next few World Cups for sure.

He said there was little to support New Zealand not hosting the World Cup.

"Why would you rule it out?" he said.

"It was very successful. Of course in local ticketing you fell a little bit short of the money you would perhaps have liked to make, but not beyond what you were forecasting, and given the economic boon it gave to the area it was very worthwhile doing.

"The World Cup was brilliant here. It refilled the reserves we spend on the game, so Rugby World Cup is in a great position as we head towards 2015 [in England] which will be, I think, record-breaking in all, if not most, criteria.

"I think you'll step back up again one day, though I don't know when that will be."