Deans rates Folau a chance for greatness

Getty Images     02 May 2013     Getty Images

The former rugby league international has been a revelation in his first nine Super Rugby outings for the Waratahs after abandoning his AFL experiment after two seasons.

Deans was coy when quizzed on Folau's selection prospects for next month's three-Test series against the British and Irish Lions but believes the sky is the limit for the talented 23-year-old.

"The last couple of outings he's shown elements that we'd love to have in our group," Deans said on Wednesday.

"We've got a selectors' meeting today and those are conversations we'll be having.

"... We'll have to make some decisions and we'll start with obviously the group that is going to run out and then we'll look at what we'll do in terms of off the bench.

"But yes Israel does some things that no one else can do. How many games has he had now - 10 or so?

"It's remarkable what he can do for a bloke who's playing his 10th game of rugby.

"Whatever happens, let's hope he sticks around because he could be an absolute legend of the game if he does."

Folau's contract with the Australian Rugby Union ends in November.

Asked what lengths the Australian rugby Union will go to in order to secure his services long term, Deans replied: "We'd love to keep him, but he's got choice. He could do whatever he wants so it'll come down to what he wants to do.

"But the game does offer him the opportunity to do all the things he's good at, and a lot of variety both on and off the field.

"Hopefully he's enjoying that and wants to pursue it. I hope he's enjoying the point of difference that union offers him. This will be his first experience in Africa and having the opportunity to see the world.

"And while he does what he enjoys, hopefully he'll cherish and seek more of it."