France left with more lessons to absorb

Getty Images     16 Jun 2013     Getty Images

The French would play for their pride because they had finished the Test strong, they worked hard for 80 minutes and a lot of French sides would have lost by 50 or more, he said.

"We didn't score because New Zealand's defence was fantastic collectively and individually - the urgency they had in defence was amazing tonight," he said.

When a side lacked urgency on attack and reacted slowly in defence against a team like New Zealand they got punished like France did on Saturday, Saint-Andre said

The first five-eighths Frederic Michalak hurt his shoulder and was out for the rest of the tour while they were still waiting to learn how badly No.8 Louis Picamoles was hurt.

Captain Thierry Dusautoir said: "Honestly we are very disappointed in our performance tonight. It is true we have already lost the series but we are here to play against the All Blacks. We've learnt a lot today so I hope we will take advantage of this lesson and next week we will play a better game."

Saint-Andre said the French had been taught about the effects of the All Blacks' clinical approach, their urgency, the fact there had been three turnovers resulting in three tries.

"When you give up seven points after five minutes through very bad organisation, and have 14 guys in the first line so they can kick and it gave New Zealand confidence. In the first half they just kicked and played position, waiting for our mistakes and to steal our ball in the lineouts.

"This week the scrum was much better but the lineout, in the first half, was poor as a result of bad throws.

"They beat us at the kicking game and after our opportunity to come back down 10-0 and for five minutes being within five metres of New Zealand's line we tried a dropped goal, [there was] a turnover and 80m run and it is 17-0 and the game was over.

"New Zealand was much better than us. We finished strong but you can't give so many opportunities or lose the ball against such a fantastic New Zealand side and also give them the confidence to be 10 points in front to build their game," he said.