To improve France must front the All Blacks

Getty Images     07 Nov 2013     Getty Images

Speaking to reporters in Paris where the sides are preparing for their fourth clash against each other this year, Fritz said, "The All Blacks are close to a club team at the level of automation.

"They look easy, but what they do is very difficult. They are the best team in the world," he said.

While having to challenge the success the All Blacks have enjoyed this year was tough on morale it was something his side had to do to advance their game.

Fritz said the pressure was on France because they were playing at home and want to do well.

But in Marseilles in 2009 when they lost 12-39 to New Zealand the All Blacks had played in such a way that he was left feeling as if he did not know how to play rugby. All they could do was admire the way they played.

"Even in defence they are very strong. This summer [June], we camped five metres from their line without being able to pass. They are very strong and prevent you from playing the way you want."

Any lost ball would be expensive and the pressure was on to maintain concentration for 90 minutes in a match.

Scoring quickly after the start was a good way to turn pressure on New Zealand, he said.

"But that's not enough, we must put their heads under water for 90 minutes," he said.

Team-mate Maxime Medard said at the moment the All Blacks were a level above other rugby nations and the excellence the side has achieved appeared to be almost genetic.

"When we go to New Zealand it is amazing to see all the kids playing rugby. In the street they do not kick round balls, but oval balls.

"There must be kids who are more technical than some French professionals," he said.