Barbarians clash a good advert for rugby says Hansen

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James Mortimer     03 Dec 2013     Getty Images

Fiji were without some big names, as the match fell outside of the release window for international rugby, and seven of the biggest names were missing in a match to celebrate 100 years of Fijian rugby.

Despite this, the Pacific Islanders threw everything at the All Black, Springbok and Pumas laden Barbarians team.

"Fiji play the sort of attacking rugby people want to watch," he said.

"Once everyone settled down after the first 15 minutes it was full on, both teams threw the ball around.

"There were some nice tries scored.

Nearly 70,000 were on hand for a match that remains one of the great spectacles of the world game.

With the 2015 Rugby World Cup just two years away, a near full house would have walked away from Twickers happy after a solid advertisement for rugby.

"The promoters for the game did a fantastic job and we've probably seen a lot of first time rugby people here today," he said.

"It's important, from an England point of view at the very least, that those fans continue to follow the game and I have nothing but praise for the players."

"There were a lot of South Africans and New Zealanders in the crowd from what I heard, so hopefully they also continue to follow the game (here).

"We saw that back in New Zealand where everyone came out and supported teams and that's what the organisers will be hoping happens in the next one.

Hansen also said one of the great advantages of the clash was the relationships formed between the players.

"It's been a great week because we've got to meet a lot of guys we usually play against," he said.

"Plus, of course, I was able to have a look at some of the younger guys in the Kiwi squad in front of a big crowd without the pressure of it being an All Black Test match.