TJ Perenara shares his journey back to the field

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In a video shared to his social media channels over the weekend, the Hurricanes halfback talks candidly about the challenges of staying match-fit during the Covid-19 shut down and just how tough the New Zealand-only competition will be.


“Maybe I’m not ready bro. Maybe I’m out of condition. There’s some real self-doubt,” Perenara said.


Interspersed between shots of Perenara pounding the pavement, grinding in his home gym, and sharpening his ball skills, the 28-year-old makes it clear that the new Investec Super Rugby Aotearoa season is a whole new challenge, and not a continuation of the suspended regular season.


“It has been that long between competitions that the competition we are going into is completely different to the first one.


“It will be survival of the fittest. Who’s in the best condition, who can recover the best and who adapts their game the quickest. It will be an awesome challenge. I reckon it’s going to be some really good footy for a lot of people to see.


“I’m looking forward to seeing what players and what teams have done the most work to put themselves in a really good position to win this thing. It should be fun.”


As for the prospect of 10 weeks of intense New Zealand derbies, Perenara had a simple response. 


“It will be tough bro.”


Follow TJ Perenara on Instagram for more updates on his journey before the Hurricanes kick off their Investec Super Rugby Aotearoa campaign against the Blues in Auckland on June 14.


Video credit: Sky Sport NZ and Johnny Hendrikus

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