Top Australian Super Rugby flanker to feature in Bunnings NPC

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A two-time Australia Under-20 selection, in 2016-17, he has made 51 appearances for the Reds in Super Rugby since making his debut in 2017.


The 113-kg loose forward has thrown in his lot with Bay of Plenty in a bid to improve his game.


"With no provincial rugby taking place in Australia at the back end of this year, there is a five-month period where there isn't much high-level rugby on offer," he said.


"I wanted to come to a new environment. I got my manager to put some feelings out to New Zealand, and this opportunity came up.


"I've always wanted to play in New Zealand. You guys are the best in the world," he said.


The son of former Wallaby Sam Scott-Young, he has also been working towards a post-rugby career. He is completing a Masters in biotech after completing his Bachelors of Commerce and Science degree.



He said his mother had impressed on him the need to balance rugby and education.


"Mum always told me that when you play rugby, you are only one injury away from not being able to play anymore. I think education is a really important thing because the dream could be over at any moment.


"It's important that you have something that you can fall back on. My advice to other rugby players thinking about studying would be to start broad, start slow, and the rest will figure itself out," he said.


Scott-Young arrived in New Zealand last week and is living with fellow teammates Aidan Ross and Kaleb Trask.


Once completing the Bay's Cup campaign, he will return to Brisbane and the Reds to prepare for next year's Super Rugby.


"I'm grateful to the Reds organisation to let me have this experience. I've played four years there, and this is a great opportunity for me to come down here and improve and increase my knowledge.


"This is a great chance for me to get some quality experience during the offseason before heading back home to Queensland, and I can't want to play for the Bay," he said.


Bay of Plenty's Bunnings Cup campaign starts on Sunday, August 8 against Tasman.


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