All Blacks front row takes lessons ahead of Gold Coast rematch

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Loosehead prop Joe Moody said the 19-17 win had been 'an average night at the office'.


In the thick of the action, it wasn't apparent the opportunities they missed. However, their review revealed both how much needed to be worked on and how much room there was for the All Blacks to improve, especially in simple things.


"Hopefully, going into this week, we nail a few of those and have a better outcome than last week," he said.


He felt the All Blacks were not getting the rub of the green in the scrum rulings.


"But that happens, and you just have to adjust. And whoever adjusts to the way the scrums are being called on the night, is the one who is going to come out on top. We just need to be good in that space and adjusting to what is being called," he said.


The South Africans were a different side to scrum against.


"We know their tighthead always likes to angle in, attack our hookers, and that sort of carry-on.


"There's a few different things with angles, even the way they set up on the bind, put a bit of lean-through on the bind with their No8s firing early to trigger their scrum. There're a few technicalities that are different, unless you really love scrummaging it's probably going to bore you," he said.



It's not something Moody shies away from.


"It's always good scrummaging against the South Africans. They're big, powerful men and the different aspects of the technicalities that they bring is also a challenge as well with the pure power and size of them. It's always a good challenge."


But there was a frustration with the stop-start nature of the game, usually the result of injuries of convenience.


"It almost felt like I was hardly getting a sweat on. Literally just about every stoppage someone was going down and having a smoko, so it would be nice if something could be sorted in that side of things with the officiating this weekend," he said.


But even without the referee's help, the All Blacks know they have improvements aplenty they can make in their game.


"If you saw all the clips we got shown where we could have made better decisions and done things better, you would say there is a lot of room for improvement.


"For the most part, we were getting in the right places, and it was about making better decisions.


"It's about guys standing up and actually calling for the ball when they're in the right spot. We let a lot of things slip, it's just being better in our roles," he said.


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