All Blacks gave Wallabies valuable lessons for Cup

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Beale said the disappointment and pain from the Auckland would drive him and the team to prevent similar outcomes at the World Cup.

"I know there was a few errors there from myself, with the box kicks and the wet weather footy, forcing passes," he said.

"There are a few little adjustments there that could have happened throughout the game, reflecting on it now.

"Again, as a player you just have to make sure you keep building on those things and make sure that you understand about the mistakes and how that can have an impact on the game.

"I feel like I have a good understanding of that now and along with my teammates I will make sure I keep working hard on those small little errors and make sure that it doesn't happen again," he said.

The Wallabies went into the Bledisloe Cup decider in Auckland knowing the All Blacks were going to bring it to them and they had done that.

"It still hurts, the result, but there are a few lessons that we can take from that game and make sure we can keep building on that, throughout the World Cup," he said.

The All Blacks had benefitted from their ability to punish rivals for their mistakes, and they had turned those mistakes into points.

"They're a very effective team like that and once they got a good lead, as the opposition you tend to internalise and there were times there where we brought ourselves back into the game but probably left it a bit too late to be able to connect and make the most of those opportunities.

"Again they're all learning curves for us and as players and coaches, we all understand that and we will be working on that over the next few weeks," he said.

The loss had some effect on the Wallabies' confidence but the challenge was to ensure that didn't affect how they approached future games.

"Although the result didn't go our way, again, we are playing best team in the world and they are certainly giving us the ability to look at the areas we need to work on," he said.

Having those weaknesses exposed gave them a chance to work on them so they weren't put in that position in the future, he said.


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