Australia look to sprint power for Sevens boost

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While he signed up with the Australian Sevens in May, Williams, known as 'Quadzilla' has still to make his debut in an international tournament.


Coach Tim Walsh said Williams had joined the wide with the hope of competing in next year's Olympic Games in Tokyo and that he was progressing faster than expected.


Walsh said Williams could make his debut either in Dubai on December 5-7 or in Cape Town a week later.


"He's just applied himself to the game and this team incredibly well, a lot faster than we actually anticipated," Walsh told


"He's an elite athlete and he took everything that he needed to do for his athletics, I guess, and their minute details in how they prepare and looking for that one percenter.



"He took that and adapted it to rugby. [He's a] Very quiet achiever but works incredibly hard and from a rugby awareness point of view, he excelled where we though he was at," Walsh said.


Williams had shown surprising strength in his work in contact and without the ball.


"His defence is probably going to be one of his strengths and that's pretty big saying when he runs a 10.1 for 100m.


"Just trying to combine it and get combinations with him and get him out there to be the fastest rugby player in the world," he said.


Australia achieved their qualification for the Olympics by winning the Oceania Sevens at the weekend and Walsh was relieved to be able to throw his Plan B out now that the Olympics berth was secured.


It was now a case of putting everything into the Olympic preparation.


"We've got a really deep squad now as well with experienced players coming through and then bringing in guys like Rod Davies as well and then young guys or debuts in Trae Williams and then guys coming through like Locky Miller, Matt Hodd and Quinny [who] have all racked up some caps now, very strong World Series players," he said.


Walsh said the balance in the squad was good and that would be reflected across the world series with players being able to peak at different times.


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