Jordie Barrett red card offence dismissed

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Barrett scored a try early in the Fortinet Rugby Championship clash in Perth before being red-carded for making contact with the face of Wallabies winger Marika Koriebete with his boot after taking a high ball.

The SANZAAR Judicial Committee said:

Having conducted a detailed review of all the available evidence, including all camera angles and additional evidence, including from the player, a medical report on the opposition player involved, and from two expert witnesses, and having considered the submissions from his legal representative, Stephen Cottrell, the Judicial Committee found that the Player had not transgressed Rule 9.11 and had therefore not committed an act of foul play.

He legitimately went up in the air to collect a high ball, when in trying to regain his balance on the downward trajectory, his boot inadvertently made contact with his opponent’s head. The accidental nature of the incident lead the Judicial Committee to find that there was no intentional nor reckless act of dangerous play, with the result that the Red Card is expunged from the player’s record."

"The player is therefore free to play in the upcoming matches.”


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