‘Blood, Sweat and Touring’ gets special screening

Blood sweat and touring WEB

‘Blood, Sweat and Touring’ sees winger John Kirwan narrate an insider’s guide to the All Blacks’ 1990 tour to France: from Michael Jones negotiating a haircut (“how do you say ‘square top’ in French?”) to 19-year-old Simon Mannix leading a ‘Ten Guitars’ singalong. Footy relics of the era include afternoon test matches, four point tries, placed kick-offs, and players indulging in fast food options that would make modern team nutritionists squirm.


Director Ric Salizzo will be on hand in the comments section of the All Blacks facebook page to give fresh insights and answer any fan questions during the screening. In a recent interview with allblacks.com, Salizzo paid tribute to the All Blacks manager of the time John Sturgeon who makes a memorable appearance during one of the All Blacks singalong sessions.


“The manager was a great man called John Sturgeon. He was a real visionary and was also very strong on where the boundaries were. We wanted to show the All Blacks as people but at the same time we didn’t want to dent the mystique. We were always very conscious of that. There was some stuff that we did stay away from, like going in the changing room before a game. We felt that was the All Blacks time,” Salizzo said.


‘Blood, Sweat and Touring’ will screen on the All Blacks Youtube channel and Facebook page at 8pm NZT Sunday 19 April



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