Brown hints bag of tricks will be opened

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Brown, who had a stint with both the Sunwolves and Japan, said in keeping with his personal approach there were always developments that needed to occur in the game and he tried to find ways to do things differently.


"If you get stuck in one way of playing you get found out pretty quickly so there'll be some new stuff going on and some exciting stuff to watch," he said.


Brown said there hadn't been a lot to take out of the Sharks' opening game against the Bulls in clearly hot conditions in Durban at the weekend because it had developed into largely a kicking game.


He was expecting a natural confidence in the Shark, and other South African sides, from the Springboks World Cup win and also that the Super Rugby sides would attempt to emulate their playing style and the Stormers had been the closest to being able to do that in the first round making them dangerous against the Hurricanes.



Brown felt that while having a first round bye left the Highlanders feeling they were late for the party, that extra week had its benefits.


"It's given us another week to prepare our guys and we're looking forward to a pretty big start," he said.


Former Crusaders first five-eighths Mitch Hunt (pictured) was a quality player who led the team around the field well and had been great in games to date controlling the game for the side and had shown a lot of leadership.


Hooker Ash Dixon said it was enjoyable having Brown back in the Highlanders' mix.


"He's a great Highlanders and Otago man, the way he coaches is pretty awesome.


"Brownie has always got a few tricks up his sleeve. It is quite good as he always make you think.


"We have got a couple of new things we are going to have a crack at. It is great that we have got a bunch of new guys because they don't know Brownie's systems so it is a bit of a refresher and a lot of new stuff as well," he said.



Dixon said there had been a time to reflect during an off-season stint in Japan about what he was going to do in his future but he had opted for another season with the Highlanders because he and his family enjoyed it in Dunedin.


"Home is where the heart is. Hanging out with your mates, playing with them – a bit of fishing and diving. For me, that really helps me out. A bit of balance really helps, and we have got a young crew," he said.


Those young players did add energy to the side and it was just a case of nudging in the right direction.


"It is really good for me, and I'm looking forward to playing with these guys and getting to know them well," he said.


Central to their performance would be appreciating that success was not just about the 23 chosen to play doing their job, it was based on the whole squad contributing.



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