Canada will have All Blacks' respect

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Hansen said on Wednesday media were being disrespectful to Canada who were expected to be yet another victim of the All Blacks when they meet in a week.


"They will put us under pressure like everybody else, they will have moments where they have success. Our job is to concentrate on what we're going to do and play as well as we can," he said.


"If you think back to the last tournament, we had everyone really worried by the way we were playing against everybody else. If you look at the 'underdogs', and I use that term loosely, in all the other games so far, they've performed really well above themselves because that's what happens at World Cups," he said.


Georgia's game with Wales and Fiji's game with Australia had been great games and great advertisements for rugby.


"That's one of the reasons this tournament is so good," he said.

 Hansen said he wasn't paying any attention to social media outtakes making accusations against sides, including the All Blacks, in the tournament.


"You can go and get shots of anything if you want to and create something. The judicial system's been in place for a long time with rugby and whether you like it or not they've been pretty staunch on what they've been about so if gets past those guys then move on.


"We're not judged by social media," he said.


After games teams were asked if they wanted to put anything up to citing commissioners. At the weekend South Africa didn't put anything up and neither did New Zealand and the citing commissioner didn't.


He said he wasn't worried a hoot about what people put on social media. All he was concerned about was what he could control.


Hansen said the side had recovered well from the South Africa game.

They would be working hard to make sure they got out of training runs what they needed and they had quality opposition to be able to do that.


"What happens now is that we knuckle down and make sure we work hard so when we get down to the quarterfinal week we can make sure we can do what we need to do without having to knock them around," he said.


From his observations of the tournament Hansen said defence was the key, all teams were using line speed and there was a lot more kicking.


While the All Blacks management were happy with the outcome of their game with South Africa, they knew that didn't win them the tournament.


Commenting on how the head-coaching role had evolved since his first World Cup, with Wales, in 2003, Hansen said the whole IT industry had changed. The way footage was captured, the way it was used on computers had changed and analysis was a massive part of the job.


"All the coaches are into it, we do a lot of work on our own training runs, probably analyse that more than the games.


"It makes it easier, it is a great coaching tool."


The key thing was not to overload the players with analysis, he said.


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