Chiefs eye five wins in a row

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Enjoying the benefits of downing the Crusaders at the weekend to extend their run of consecutive wins to four, the Chiefs were prepared for a Hurricanes side with nothing to lose and the satisfaction that being a competition spoiler can provide.


However, Chiefs assistant coach Neil Barnes believed the side would apply themselves as they had every week in getting their preparation right and putting it into effect on the field.


Barnes said they weren't doing a lot different from what they did last year, but there were getting across the line on the right side of the ledger.


"They were one-point losses last year, they're one-point wins this year. Not a lot's changed in what we're doing.


"We've got ourselves in a position now where we've got a chance at being in a final, and that's what you play rugby for. We're excited about that, but we also know we've got a lot of improvement to do if we want to win it," he said.


Their success was also helped by players coming back from injury and providing a better core of players to select from at the right end of the season.


Barnes said it was important to win the little moments and sometimes winning them was the result of all the hard work done during the week.



"On Saturday night there were two or three things that happened in the last five or six minutes which were about players doing their jobs during the week, learning their detail, and applying that when out on the paddock under pressure.


"We've been winning those moments this year. Last year, they weren't happening. But we had a bucket load of 20-year-olds in their first season of Super Rugby, they're now a year older, and know what it's about, and it's starting to come to them."


It came down to self-belief, Barnes said.


"Sometimes, if you're not getting the results you want, you start doubting what you're doing.


"They're starting to believe in themselves and have become even more dangerous when they actually know that they're better than their opponent," he said.


The hard work being put in by the pack with scrum coach Nick White was bearing fruit.


"They've got their heads down, they're working hard, and the results are starting to come and I'd like to think they'll get even better yet and be even more dominant," he said.


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