Curry hitting form at the right time

Scott Curry v2

It ended two frustrating seasons for him where niggly injuries denied him the game time he wanted.

Curry, 35, said he was happy with how he performed in Dubai. He said it worked out sometimes that the ball tended to come his way more often, so it was nice to get over for tries.

"I told some of the boys I scored more tries on day one than in the last two years, so that was quite nice.

"It was good to get some good game time. The last few tournaments I hadn't had good game time and I struggled with a few niggles. I had a good lead in and my body was feeling good so I was happy with how I went."

While having to settle for third place, beating Fiji for the honour, he said they were happy with how they built into the weekend.

"It was a pretty slow start in pool play, but the focus is on getting better each game and learning and growing. I felt like we did that well across the two days. Hopefully, we can keep building this weekend."

Curry said there was little difference in how new coach Tomasi Cama coached the team. They were going deeper into things that were started over the last six years when Clark Laidlaw was at the helm.

"We're going deep on our rugby which I really enjoy. Tomasi's mind in the game is unmatched in the Sevens world. I'm enjoying how much he is challenging us in the rugby space, and driving us to get better and how good we can get."

Newer players brought different qualities into the side, not only with their skills on the field, but he said their dynamics off-the-field was enjoyable because it made every tour a little different.

"Every player brings their individual strengths, and it will be cool to see those younger players go out there and express themselves."

South Africa would be confident going into the weekend after their success in Dubai, where they have dominated over the last five years.

Curry said there were always good contests between the two countries, and the All Blacks Sevens had upset them several times in the Cape Town event.

"It's a good ground for us, we've gone pretty well here in the past. It's always an exciting opportunity to play against South Africa in their home country."

He looked forward to running out against them in front of a packed crowd if the chance arose.

Curry, who made his Sevens debut in 2010, said the game was much faster and more competitive.

"When I started, we...not that we cruised through pool games, but there were games where we racked up quite a lot of points on other teams. Then, you can see now in Dubai that every [New Zealand] game, apart from the quarterfinal, came down to the last play and could have gone either way.

"That's a reflection of how competitive the World Series is now with 12 teams, and you don't take any game for granted, which is cool and exciting.

"It puts pressure on how you perform, and how you prepare to perform in the lead-up. That excites me, and us, as a team. It's tough now. There are no easy games."

With the prospect of a third Olympic Games selection, Curry said he never expected to be in the position of attempting to gain a place in the Olympic team for Paris next year.

It was closing in quickly, about seven months before the tournament. With 24 players pushing for inclusion in the side, there was a lot of competition, and he was excited at the opportunity.

"We can have a fully fit squad competing for those few remaining places to get on the plane to Paris. It's an exciting time for sure."


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