England will be a danger at 2023 World Cup - Boyd

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The former Super Rugby-winning coach of the Hurricanes told The Rugby Paper, England would need to be taken seriously as a threat to New Zealand's World Cup hopes, and they wouldn't play risk-free rugby.


Boyd said the first thing he noticed about English rugby when taking up his position was there was so much emphasis on structure and control. He felt that in the relentless drive for accuracy and excellence players had the risk and joy of playing coached out of them.


However, change was afoot in the game, and more teams were diversifying their games. That could help make England more of a danger at the World Cup.


"The set-piece is different here, so is the hunger to dominate territory and not taking risks at the back end of the field, but where people tried to copy Saracens and Exeter in the past because they were winning, they are now brave enough to try their own recipes and bake a different cake.


"It is important that the likes of Harlequins and Bristol are successful because it counteracts everyone copying the winner.


"If all countries tried to copy South Africa, they would still win.


"You have to find you own recipe," he said.

That was the lesson for the All Blacks.


"Everyone has to find where the balance is for them. At one end, you have South Africa who base their game on physicality, confrontation and territory."


Japan, who wanted to avoid those things and play at a high tempo, were at the other end.


"Somewhere in between, you have to decide the best way to play the game and selection is the key," Boyd said.


Each country in the world had three to six gold nugget players who made a difference to performance.


England was one of three or four teams who could go to the World Cup knowing they could win - if they got their recipe and selection right.


"The balance between philosophy, game plan and team profile is critical.


"Get it right, and you have a chance; get it wrong, and you don't.”


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