Experience helps but there can still be surprises - Read

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Those results from all the Test matches played around the world ahead of the World Cup did not mean a lot at all as teams had beaten each other across the board.


"In a World Cup, it doesn't matter, prior form means nothing," he said.


"It's about turning up in this World Cup and putting your best foot forward and every team right now has got the same chance as every one else."


While the All Blacks were under some pressure to achieve a hat-trick of victories they could either succumb to it or walk towards it and enjoy it.


"We wouldn't be sitting here and being part of this tournament if we didn't really relish those opportunities to play at the highest level, and the World Cup is the highest level.


"It's what you want to do when you pick up this game and play for your country so we walk towards that expectation and we really relish it so that's what we're hoping to do this tournament," he said.

Read said it was clear from the amount of support they had received that the game was alive in Japan and that the Japanese loved their rugby.


"It's going to be a bonus having the World Cup here and hopefully they can leverage off that and really grow the game," he said.


Experience in a World Cup environment was a help because you had been there and done that, he said, but that still didn't mean there wasn't going to be new experiences and that was the situation in Japan because it was a new World Cup.


"Our group that we have got here is pretty well balanced. We've got a number of guys who have been around for a while and obviously a good bunch of new guys as well who are pretty fantastic in their own right so it's a good mix from us," he said.


The weather had an effect when the side first arrived but it had cooled down over the last few days.


"We don't know what it is going to be like next week but we are anticipating a little bit of precipitation, a bit of wetness potentially but if not the sweat creates a lot of moisture on the ball so I think you've got to expect a little bit of tough conditions but we're well adapted to that," he said.


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