France can take All Blacks at their own game - Magne

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After watching France's win over Argentina at the weekend the 89-Test veteran flanker told Midi Olympique he was happy with the less experienced players in the France squad and the strength of the bench that contributed to the win.


He said he did not think the French side of three or four seasons ago would have won a match like the Argentina game.


Magne said he watched all the Tests played last weekend and thought the France-Argentina contest was the best of them because Argentina had not taken a backward step.


France plays Georgia on Monday (NZT), and he felt they should not look to rotate players but let combinations develop.


That would be especially important in building attacking options with which to play the All Blacks.


Magne expected the speed and movement in the All Blacks method would be a factor in the Test.



"They play fast, move well, but, above all, they are ready to respond to situations in the best way. Typically, they are quick to support any ball carrier who makes a break.


"They understand what the other player is going to do and give him support.


"It is this that gives them speed, and causes uncertainty for opponents," he said.


The All Blacks were not used to playing opponents who responded to their choices in the same way the All Blacks did.


"When we start playing that kind of rugby, we cause them a lot of problems, and they worry. I think this French team is ready to play this way.


"It's exhilarating to take on the All Blacks at their own game.


"If you play defensive rugby against them you can only hope to win once in a while. To beat them regularly you have to have this mindset: take them on at their own game," he said.


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