Georgia Bulldogs adopt All Blacks winning mantra

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His team has a chance for a third consecutive College Football Playoff championship this season, but when concerned about complacency in his side, he turned to the All Blacks for help.

During a media day in Nashville, Smart said complacency was his No. 1 issue, and when enthusiasm and ego started worrying about outcomes, there was a problem.

So to counter that threat, his programme spent six weeks studying the All Blacks, who he described as 'the most success sports team in the history of teams.'

He said, "Over 100 years, they have had the highest winning percentage.

"We don't want complacency. They've done it better than anyone else."

The All Blacks have won 76 per cent of their game, and his Bulldogs have adopted the All Blacks mantra, 'Better Never Rests.'

"We believe that. Those are strong words now when you think about them. Think deeply about it. Better Never Rests. Our kids understand it. Our kids have learned it.

"What drives us for this season is intrinsic motivation. We're not going to be controlled by outside narratives and what people say, and who is going to be the quarterback.

"The intrinsic motivation comes from within and what we decide we want to do. This team is still defining itself."

He said with three Rugby World Cup wins in 1987, 2011 and 2015, the All Blacks were the first team to win three times and the first to retain the Cup. They were undefeated against 12 of the 19 nations they have played, and since World Rugby introduced world rankings, they had been No1 longer than all other teams combined.


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