Grace Brooker on tackling hay bales, cooking up stir fries and the Dixie Chicks

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Brooker on training and workouts

I’m keeping busy being up on the farm and our High Performance trainer is putting up heaps for us to do, so I’ve been doing 2 to 3 hours of training each day.


It’s definitely opened up the creative aspects of the mind. I’m looking forward to doing a bit of contact. I’ve got a few hay bales out here that I can do that against so looking forward to it.


We always get a challenge each week from our trainer. The other day we got a challenge and it was hideous. You had to do spiderman crawls, backwards spider crawls, army crawls and jumping press ups all for 20 meters and we had to do it three times. It was horrific, but good. I’ve been doing some deep stretch yoga as well which has been real amazing on my body, but other than that just the usual running up and down the field and get the hay bales out and do a bit of contact on them.



Brooker on entertainment

MUSIC | I’ve got a big playlist of my own on Spotify, it’s about 22 hours long and it’s got all your classics on it - Fleetwood Mac, a bit of the Beatles, Dixie Chicks are one of my favourites. It’s called Top nots and dags, it’s a shearing reference. It’s just anything you can sing along to, I can’t sing but it’s anything you can sing along to.


READING & WATCHING | I’m reading the Rosie Project at the moment. I think there are two in that series, I’m still on the first one but getting through it quite fast. I’ve just watched JoJo Rabbit and I loved it. A series I just watched was the Blacklist. It’s pretty good but it’s really long. Kendra and I have been watching it religiously. (When not in lockdown, Brooker flats with teammate Kendra Cocksedge).


BOARD GAMES | Me and my brother had a big Monopoly game and it got very competitive. He smashed me and I think I was broke after a couple of rounds because I like buying too many properties. But my family loves board games. Monopoly Deal, the card game is good too, it’s quicker. I’ve also got into sudoku. Every morning I’ve been doing a sudoku and it’s really entertaining.


Brooker on DIY

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff outside. Dad’s got a lot of wood to chop, so we’ve been making firewood and knocking down a couple of fences and putting up a couple of fences, doing everything really. We’ve got an old pool out the back that I’ve just been knocking the fence out around, so we are going to take that out and make it into lawn. I’ve just been pretty much making firewood most of the time, so splitting wood and chain sawing, which is good, but can get a bit tiring.



Brooker on what’s cooking in the kitchen

I’m not a big person in the kitchen, I get in there a wee bit. But I cannot bake for the life of me! I’m good at following a recipe but for some reason it just doesn’t come out right. My go-to that I love is a stir fry. Just basic veg, fry everything up and a bit of teriyaki sauce on top.


Brooker on mental space

I think anytime I have a ball in my hands if I’m down at the field I will just get the ball in my hand and do real random stuff and try and broaden my skill base which is pretty fun and it soaks up the time as well. You latch onto something and work on it for hours. It’s interesting obviously coming from a team sport you are around people all the time, but it’s not too bad, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy. If I didn’t have as much to keep me busy, I think I would be going insane. But I’m enjoying it and I had a wee bit of an injury, so it has given me a bit of time to get that right without pushing it too far which is handy.



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