Hurricanes after form turnaround against the Blues

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The Blues are back at home after last week's loss to the Chiefs that came on the back of their defeat by the Crusaders in Auckland a week earlier.


By comparison, the Hurricanes had their first win of the year when beating the Highlanders last week.


That resulted in a more upbeat mood at training when the side arrived on Monday but coach Jason Holland said there was still an understanding that there was a lot to be learnt from the game, and they had to continue to be honest and understand how they won games and what happened to lose them.


"It's been a good week but there's still a bit of tension on the line because we know we're nowhere a wrap on this competition," he said.


The Hurricanes wanted to keep their hopes of a final berth within their grasp, so it was a case of what they did that mattered in achieving that.


The big picture was in their sights, but the more important view concerned the Blues this week.


"We know we've got to take it week by week," he said.



Looking at the Blues' defeats of the past two weeks, he said there wasn't a lot different to when they played them in round one, but they hadn't been able to execute on that occasion.


"They're still a quality side that has got some pretty big names all through that side, and especially through their pack," he said.


They would have been looking at the areas where they had achieved dominance in their earlier games, he said, and, at the set-piece, the Hurricanes would be in for a battle.


"We've got a pretty clear idea around what we need to do well to get a result," he said.


They would be looking to play with tempo early in the game, and they wanted to make some early impact at the advantage line, and wing Julian Savea would be central to that.


"We need to get behind the Blues, and Jules [Savea] and Sass [Salesi Rayasi] will help us do that," he said.


Recent games against the Blues had highlighted that the Hurricanes had not been able to do their basic work for long enough; their carries, their cleans, their little parts around getting reloaded, and getting to the right depth. They were all part of making things happen, Holland said.


"There's nothing game-changing, it's just little standards we need to nail our week," he said.


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