Ireland have belief heading into second Test - Beirne

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Saturday at Eden Park was tougher for Beirne than most - he was playing his first game since the Six Nations due to a thigh injury - and he felt it during the torrid first quarter.

He told the Irish media, “It was better to get 60 minutes under my belt so I might feel a bit better, but the first 20 minutes of that game, I don’t know what it looked like from the sidelines but it was tough on the lungs.

“All the lads were saying it was a tough 20 minutes and it will definitely stand to me next week if I’m back out there, for sure,” he said.

“If we can just get a couple of things right that we certainly have the beating of them. That’s certainly how we feel as a squad,” he said.

Being able to step out again so soon was a great opportunity for the side ‘to get to put a few things right’ to possibly get one over the All Blacks.

“I think we started really well. We probably had them on the ropes I suppose at the start, but we are in Eden Park, they are playing at home, and we’ve got to be ready for them to throw it back at you.

“I think they had a few moments from our mistakes as well and probably turned the tide a little bit,” he said.

Mistakes and indiscipline made their task harder. They recognised they had made life difficult in the second quarter.

“It was just easy access for them to get back into our half, and to get back on top. That’s probably why we found ourselves down by so many points at half-time.”[5-28]

Although Ireland started the second half well with the first try, they were undone by conceding a line out from which the All Blacks scored.
“We kind of found ourselves doubling up on our errors, and when we made an error they capitalised on it and that’s probably where we lost the game really,” Beirne said.


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