Jacobson close to Test at home

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The former New Zealand Under-20 World championship winning captain Jacobson has been named among the substitutes and if getting onto the field it will be his second Test after his debut earlier this season in Buenos Aires against Argentina.


Jacobson said it would be especially exciting to get time in action on his home ground.


"It's awesome it's a 2.30 game as well. Hopefully the sun is shining and I'm really looking forward to having family there and friends as well," he said.


Jacobson had learned quickly what it was like to be in the All Blacks environment and said he was feeling more comfortable.

The more time he had spent in the group he felt he was growing a little bit in confidence and he was feeling a lot more comfortable than in the first couple of weeks and that helped feeling more comfortable on the pitch.


But he didn't go as far as Chiefs teammate Anton Lienert-Brown in saying he was feeling so comfortable he would be happy telling captain Kieran Read about events on the field that might be of some use to his strategy during the game.


"I probably wouldn't yet, from first stepping in here, everybody is on an even playing field.


"It's more of an old school thing where you had the older players and younger players. You were just at the bottom but not in this team.


"Everybody respects each other like just another player. There are obviously leaders and you need to show respect to the people that have been around longer, but they don't force that on you," he said.


The chance to play on FMG Stadium had come around quickly in which events, since he was first named in the All Blacks' squad, had been moving at breakneck speed.


He recalled earlier in the season he had seen the international schedule leading into the World Cup.


"I saw the Test in Hamilton and I thought, 'how cool would it be to play in that game?' and now it's happening so I'm hugely excited."



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