Jones wants to help make Crusaders even better

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 As the competition's best defensive side last year it was clear there was nothing broken in their system but it would be a case of looking for continued improvement.


"That's the real challenge, can we get better?" he said.


Jones, pictured, said it was an honour to have the chance to be associated with both the Crusaders and Canterbury and he felt there had been an acceptance in the Crusaders squad that he could offer an outside look similar to what former Ireland international Ronan O'Gara did during his two seasons with the side.


It was a little daunting coming into what were world-renowned brands, not only in Super Rugby but for the Mitre 10 Cup as well, with the two sides.


"It's a winning environment so you don't want to be the guy that comes in and is involved in less successful eras but I think the great thing is what a great opportunity to move on and keep standing on the shoulders of giants," he said.


"I think there was a positive bounce off Ronan being here and what he brought looking at things differently, not necessarily better or worse but just a different view, challenging people to look at the game a different way.


"I certainly improved a lot by southern hemisphere coaches coming to the northern hemisphere and working with me and I'm hoping to try and replicate some of that back down here," he said.


Jones said he had talked with both O'Gara and the man he is replacing in the assistant coaching role Brad Mooar, who is now coaching the Scarlets in Wales, before making his decision.


Being a former Scarlets player, Jones said there were a lot of similarities between the two groups and that had enabled Mooar to be such a good fit back in Wales.


Jones, who had been involved with Namibia at last year's Rugby World Cup said it had been a great challenge to prepare a team of part-times with a few professionals to play the defending champions the All Blacks and the new champions South Africa.


Without the artillery the other teams had they had to approach things a different way and that had opened his mind up to doing things differently and that added depth to your coaching, he said.


"It was a great experience and one that I have very fond memories of," he said.


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