Marchant ready to step straight into action

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Marchant, (pictured) from the Harlequins club, had a foot injury when he first arrived had recovered from that and said he had received an amazing welcome and his first week had been spent learning names and calls but he was feeling settled in ahead of the season opener against the Chiefs.


The immediate impression he had in the Blues environment is the different type of rugby he was now playing.


The pre-season games had been tough and 'pretty quick'.


"I'm not used to so much running and so much of that kind of rugby but it's good to get out there, get a little blowout and hopefully be fresh for the first game," he said.


Marchant said his decision to come to New Zealand was based on developing aspects of his game that he struggled with back in England.


Improving his attacking game was top of the bill, especially having been involved in the Premiership which was forward oriented.


"Watching on TV there seems to be more of an attacking aspect," he said.


"Being a youngster I always used to watch Super Rugby all the time and I wanted to get amongst it. Being in the English set-up going through, you want to play in the Premiership, you want to play for England and those are the dreams but on the side there was another one and that was to come here.


"The opportunity came to come here. I spoke to Quins and they were really supportive and thought it would develop my rugby as well so we all got together and I ended up here which is great," he said.


Playing in New Zealand had been something he mentioned to his agent when they first met and while it had been on the backburner when the chance came he was keen to take it.


The most difficult thing in making the adjustment was the speed of everything. That had been obvious in the warm-up game with the Hurricanes last week.


"There's a lot more emphasis on ball-in-play, a lot more attack, playing for 'd'. Being able to get myself alive and keep in the game the whole time," he said.


Marchant also got an early appreciation of what to expect when playing bigger backs like All Black Ngani Laumape in the Hurricanes game, and also Ben Lam.


"It was good to experience playing against them," he said.


Back in England playing Test players wasn't something that happened as regularly as in Super Rugby so he was keen to take advantage of every opportunity.


Marchant said he was grateful to get to start the first game and wanted to make every moment count.


"To be able to play in this game will be really something special," he said.


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