McCaw reconnects with Dusautoir

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All the World Cup-winning captains were attending French rugby newspaper Midi Olympique's annual awards ceremony, a year out from the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

All Blacks two-time World Cup winning captain McCaw and Dusautoir were asked by the newspaper to rate their least memorable moments in front of the media.

McCaw said: "My worst experience came after the defeat against the French in Cardiff in 2007. The sky had just fallen on our heads, I was a young captain crying, and I was sitting there, sitting at a table, having to explain the inexplicable.

"The exercise was horrible."

But Dusautoir reminded McCaw he had been there less times than the Frenchman had.

And he said that his last game for France, the 62-13 pummelling France received at the All Blacks' hands in the quarterfinal at the 2015 World Cup, also in Cardiff, was a nightmare.

"That day, we didn't just lose, we dropped the game and it hurt me. It hurt me for a very long time. We didn't fight, we didn't have any fund, and it remains a terrible memory."

While in Paris, McCaw was given the opportunity to extend his helicopter experiences when flying with a French anti-terror unit over Paris.


While travelling to Villacoublay Air Base 107, he explained how he got involved in becoming a pilot.

"I started flying in 2002 and got my license in 2009. My father was a pilot and I got into that world very early in my life.

"I loved flying with him so much that when I started making money from rugby, I paid for my pilot's license. I have become addicted," he said.

While the weather looked to be closing in before reaching the air base he had no concerns.

"I've already driven in the rain or in difficult conditions. It's [what it's like] in New Zealand. The weather is extremely changeable. More seriously, what I seek in flying is freedom.

"In a helicopter, you can land on any mountain or in the garden of homeowners. It's a unique experience to fly in the middle of New Zealand's landscapes."

Once arriving at the base, a course was plotted, he was given a required jacket and joined the pilot of an AS555 Fennec helicopter, a machine doing security work in the sky above Paris.

"It was an incredible experience. I was able to see all of Paris' monuments from the sky."


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