McCaw tells Kiwis to roll with the punches during these tough times


Speaking to Sky Sport’s Breakdown, McCaw said it’s going to be a different experience for people, but everyone around the world is in the same boat.


“You think of businesses, and I’m involved in a business that has challenges ahead, but there are things that are completely out of control, like the fact that people can’t go to work and businesses losing revenue. What you can control is you attitude around looking after your people and family and focusing on the things that are important and you can have an influence over.


“It doesn’t have to be a lonely time if you share it with people going through the same thing.”


McCaw said at this stage he hasn’t made too many plans for the four weeks stuck inside, but he’s stoked that he’ll be able to spend some quality time with family.


“With the little one running around, that’s going to keep us pretty busy. They don’t know it’s locked down so keeping them entertained will be an interesting experience. I think everyone will sort of work it out as we go along.”


The world’s most capped Test player has taken up multisport racing since retiring from rugby and he knows he’ll be able to get a bit more training in over the next month.



“I had a race lined up later in the year but that’s all up in the air. It’s a love-hate one, sometimes when you are doing these races you say why, but a few minutes later when you finish you actually say that was enjoyable. I’ll keep chipping away at some training and we have a wind trainer in the garage, and I can go out running so I’ll be fit by the end of it.”


On the rugby front, McCaw’s been a keen watcher of Super Rugby this season and he said he’s really enjoyed the matches he’s watched so far.


“The games I’ve seen have been quite even. The Blues have got up in some games and have shown a bit of confidence can make a big difference. I was really excited to see what was going to happen because you couldn’t really pick who was going to be there at the end, and that bodes well for a good competition. It’s a shame we have potentially missed out on that.”


When the Breakdown panel asked McCaw about what he thinks this break will do for rugby in New Zealand, he had a positive response.


“One thing you hear is that people get sick of seeing rugby or a sport in general if you see too much of it. It’s amazing when you haven’t got anything to watch how important it is to everyone’s lives, from an entertainment point of view or something to talk about. Having no rugby has shown how important it is to New Zealand and once that opportunity to get back out there, whatever form it looks like, people will be excited just to either be back player or back watching. That in the long run might be a positive for our game, remembering how important it is.”



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