Momentum building for Highlanders ahead of Blues clash

Highlanders Huddle

Assistant coach Kendrick Lynn said the Highlanders' management was delighted to also bank the win without severe injuries and by finding a way to win after being 14-18 down at half-time.

"We scored some nice tries in the process."

Former Welsh Test first five-eighths Rhys Patchell ran the game well.

"We saw some of the strengths and the control in his game. He understands momentum well, and his passing game, putting Jacob [Ratumataivuki-Kneepkens] away in the corner, was good to see.

"So, we're happy. We also know that he knows there are things he can do better, which is always good for every player."

The areas they will look to improve in their game in Melbourne with the Blues over the weekend will be their carries and clean.

"We lost a bit of ball around the rucks, so we're working on that. Also, under pressure, how do we react? We gave away a lot of penalties, especially a lot of penalties in a row. We'll be discussing, and giving talks to the players. And if it does happen again in games, which will happen under pressure, the way to react to that."

Lynn said the referees had done a good job keeping the game moving as intended for the competition.

"It's been clear from the referees that they are looking to do that, and that's what we also want.

"All the coaches in New Zealand, and I'm sure in Australia, are keen for a free-flowing, open kind of footy that the fans love to watch. They did well in the weekend.

"There were a couple of decisions that in the past may have been stopped and looked over [by the TMO] that probably pulled the momentum and energy out of the game, but they moved on pretty fast and did well."

Having been in France for nine years, Lynn said he enjoyed being back in Dunedin, and the Zoo had been in good form.

"They get into their work as the game moves on and bouncing at the end. I'm looking forward to hearing when they come up with some new songs about our outside backs."


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