Mooar settles into new role in Wales

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Mooar told the Western Mail in Cardiff that it had taken little to adapt to his new role as head coach with the Llanelli Scarlets in Wales.


"I walked into a really good environment, with some great people who work really hard for the club.


"They are people who are happy to put their shoulders to the wheel on and off the field," he said.


The previous management team headed by fellow New Zealander Wayne Pivac, who will take over as Wales coach from Warren Gatland after the Rugby World Cup, had done good work and Mooar said it was good to come in and work with a fine group of players.


"In terms of the community, it's a really engaged fan base. That's a real privilege to be part of. My family and I have felt that, in terms of a community and culture that is not really dissimilar to Kiwis," he said.


Club sport was important in both New Zealand and Wales and he hadn't really noticed a lot of difference.


"I think that's why Kiwis come to Wales and feel comfortable and can make connections really quickly. You have got an open, engaged population that wants to have a conversation and I think that's brilliant," he said.


"Everyone is entitled to an opinion. That certainly goes for the lovers of our game. It's a great game," he said.


Mooar said the rugby philosophy he would be employing with the Scarlets was that anything was on wherever there was space.


"If the space is to run, we run. If the space is to kick, we kick. If the space is up front, we will play there.


"Our job as coaches is to ensure our boys are prepared to play whatever they need to. We will obviously go into a match with a game-plan based on what we thing the opposition give us in terms of opportunities and threats.


"We make sure our guys are ready for that, but also for the different pictures that arise or opportunities that come up in a game," he said.




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