Murrayfield Test a bucket list item for Finlay Christie

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Christie is Scots-born. His family emigrated to New Zealand when he was seven, and since making the All Blacks, a game in Edinburgh had been on his to-do list.

Christie, who was from Peebles and Aberdeen before moving to New Zealand as a seven-year-old, said playing a Test at Murrayfield would also be special for his parents. They would be at the game, but he didn't know what jersey they would be wearing. Either way, it would be a win-win for them, he said.

There had been an approach from Scotland for him to consider returning to play, but it happened during Covid nothing had come of it. He said he was happy to have stayed in New Zealand.

Beauden Barrett, who is starting at first five-eighths, said he had always enjoyed playing in Scotland, and after their 2017 went down to the wire, with his match-saving tackle denying the home team a win, he expects something similar on Sunday.

Barrett said when Scotland fullback Stu Hogg broke into open space with the goalline open the game was in the balance.

"I know how quick he is and, thankfully, I had the sideline to work with. The game flashed before our eyes, and we were lucky to get away with it, so I guess that shows how lethal Scotland can be as a team.

"They've got plenty of attacking weapons and they like to use the ball so our defence has to be on this week."

Scotland played with more depth and had good decoy runners, which allowed them to play more expansively.

"I don't think they'll have an issue using the ball, getting it to the width and that's why it is going to be a good challenge for our defence how well we can get up and shut down their time and space."

Barrett said he was delighted to see Blues teammate Mark Telea make his debut.

"He's a phenomenal player, athlete and defensively he's one of the best on the right wing. I'm excited for him and I think he deserves it."

Barrett added that he was looking forward to renewing his partnership with Christie after they had worked well together for the Blues.

Barrett said he had been happy playing either first five-eighths or fullback, and was excited to start in either position.


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