Q&A with Six60’s Matiu Walters

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Q: How has the Six60-rugby connection come about?


A: Well this is the closest I am going to get to being a pro rugby player but that is cool. It made sense that we would use our music to combine with rugby. We know rugby so well and we have supported rugby for so long that it made it easy.


Q: What was the inspiration for your song The Greatest’?


A: It’s a real human story of striving and trying to be great and trying to be better. We thought about sport when we were writing the song. In fact, when we walked into the studio there’s this classic photo of Muhammed Ali and the Beatles. We wanted to create a song that reflected that image. We did rework it, we spent hours and hours watching highlights footage of all sorts of sport. We are just sports fans really.

Q: I know you’re from a rugby background and have a Maori All Black in your family, can you tell us about him?


A: My great grandfather Muru Walters was the captain of the Maori All Blacks way back. Again, rugby was very much part of our lives growing up. We felt like there were some boots to fill. He was very well known up in the north. So even to this day, I am introduced as Muru’s grandson. I haven’t quite made it myself yet! He was always there, teaching us and telling us about rugby and what it meant to have mana and integrity. He really is the pinnacle of someone to look up to.  


Q: You have ties to Dunedin having studied down there, but which Super Rugby team do you support?

A: I was born and raised in Auckland, so the Blues are my team. That’s where I am from. I would take the Highlanders next after that. I’ve supported the Blues forever, I remember going to Eden Park when Jonah, Joeli and Zinny were playing. I love supporting rugby and supporting all teams. I’m a fan of rugby first and foremost.


Q: Each member of Six60 is supporting a different Super Rugby team this year, how did that happen?


A: We had a mock draft with the band members to see which Super Rugby team we would align with for the season and I got drafted to the Blues – I got drafted to my team! I look forward to getting involved with them over the year and the whole band is looking forward to supporting the competition because it is the best rugby has to offer and this year is going to be great.



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