Larkham says 'no' to Wallabies bid

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 Larkham, who is part of the Munster coaching team, told The Irish Times, "At some stage I would say yeah, at some stage.


"I'm really enjoying the environment here and the challenge here and I have no plans to leave at this stage and I'm not thinking about the future after Munster at this stage," he said.


Larkham linked up with Munster earlier in the year after he walked away from four years involvement as the Australian backs coach in the Cheika regime.


"[It's] exciting times, it's a changing of the guard with a new coach coming in. And I think that's always exciting.


"There will be a flow on effect on the Super Rugby teams and the club rugby over there.


"We didn't finish the World Cup the way we wanted to finish it, in fact the lead up to the World Cup wasn't nearly as successful as it should have been. But it's a new step, it's exciting because something new is about to happen," he said.


Larkham faces a key game in the Munster structure at the weekend when they meet Ulster in the Pro14.


After three months with the side he said the skill levels and ability to learn were higher among the Munster players than his former team-mates and players.


"You'd be pleasantly surprised. At the Brumbies you have the international players for the full season but here we've finally got our full squad back together this week for the first time. But I have been really impressed with the players in the first five rounds of the Pro14.


"I think the talent and skill level over here is better than it is in Australia. Super Rugby squads are small. I think the skill level and the conditions are very different. In Super Rugby you haven't got those conditions.


"Honestly, I was very impressed with the skill level of these players. I'm not saying Irish players, I'm saying Munster players. And their ability to learn things is definitely better than some Australian players," he said.


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