Nigel Owens reveals special gift from Dan Carter

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The All Blacks beat Australia in the final 34-17, a game played at a frenetic speed.

During a break in play, All Blacks legend Dan Carter, who was playing his last Test before retirement, was lining up a penalty goal attempt after an exhausting passage of play.

Owens described the incident in his new book, 'The Final Whistle: This is Not Soccer', being serialised at

"'Are you enjoying this, Nige?' Carter asked.

"'It's a bit quick, but yes,' I replied. 'How about you?'

"'I'm f….d,' he said.

"'Shhh, don't swear now, you're on telly mun,' I responded."


Owens said he wasn't aware of it, but his response to Carter went viral on social media.

"A Welsh company even made some T-shirts with the words emblazoned across them and gave a couple to me. I sent one of them to Dan at his home in New Zealand. He thanked me, though whether he actually wore the thing, I'm not so sure.

"A few weeks later, a parcel arrived in the post for me.

"When I unwrapped it, I saw a framed photograph of Carter standing next to me lining up one of his kicks in that final.

"He'd signed it on the back: 'To Nigel, Don't Swear Now, You're On Telly Man – Congrats on a great refereeing career – Dan Carter.'

"It's one of the mementoes that has pride of place in my study at home."


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